Our Creed

To our clients, we offer faithfulness, competence, diligence and good judgment. We will faithfully represent you as we would want to be represented, and we will strive to be worthy of your trust. We aspire:
(a) To expeditious and economical achievement of all client objectives.
(b) To fully informed client decision-making. Therefore, we will:
1. Counsel clients about all forms of dispute resolution;

2. Counsel clients about the value of cooperation as a means towards the productive resolution of disputes;

3. Maintain the sympathetic detachment that permits objective and independent advice to clients;

4. Communicate promptly and clearly with clients; and

5. Reach clear agreements with clients concerning the nature of the representation.

(c) To fair and equitable fee agreements.

(d) To comply with the obligations of confidentiality and the avoidance of conflicting loyalties in a manner designed to achieve the fidelity to the clients that is the purpose of these obligations.

To the opposing parties and their counsel, we offer fairness, integrity and civility.

To the courts and other tribunals and to those who assist them, we offer respect, candor and courtesy. We will strive to do honor to the search for justice.

To our profession, we offer assistance. We strive to keep our business a profession and our profession a calling in the spirit of public service.

To the public and the system of justice, we offer service. We will strive to improve the law and our legal system, to make the law and our legal system available to all, and to seek the common good through representation of our clients.