LLCs and Corporations

Your Business will be a Legal Entity –

How do You Choose Which One?

PDX Law Group will assist you in determining the type of entity your business or corporation should become, usually in concert with your CPA. We will promptly file the proper paperwork with the appropriate government office and follow up annually to inquire whether you require help with your annual meeting or consent resolutions.

Business formation is still a process in which you need to take an active role. The most important decision you can make, is choosing the roster of your professional team. Yes, you need a lawyer. But you also need a good CPA and a good banker, too.  We can assist with referrals to other trusted professionals.

Each of your team members will play a vital role. It’s imperative that they understand the goals of your organization and the nature of the industry in which you must compete.

At PDX Law Group, we offer fixed-fees for business formation in an effort to help our clients budget for their startup costs.

Call us with any Questions Regarding Entity Formation 

It is important to understand the advantages, restrictions and tax implications of operating your business as a partnership, LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp. Your proposed operations and budget will play a significant role in the decision of how to structure your new business.

We advise startups and established companies in a wide range of legal matters, including the following:

  • Guidance in determining proposed business operations, bylaws and operating agreements, ownership structures, capitalization, buy-sell agreements and other matters;
  • Complete and file articles of formation and other matters with the state of Oregon or Washington; and
  • Prepare resolutions and minutes for your business and assist with contracts and other ongoing operational matters.

Call 503-546-0141 or email us to discuss your entity formation or re-formation issues.


Business & Real Estate Disputes

If you are dealing with legal issues involving property in Portland or surrounding areas, a real estate lawyer will provide you with the legal advice and representation that you need. At PDX Law Group P.C., we specialize in this area of the law, and help clients in Oregon and Washington with various real estate issues. If you are buying or selling property, dealing with transactions or handling other aspects of property law, you need an experienced attorney on your side to help you.


Our practice is diverse and sophisticated. We handle most all aspects of property law including:

•           Acquisition of property

•           Disposition

•           Permits, easements, deeds

•           Issues between tenants and landlords, or other leasing issues

•           Commercial transactions

•           Seller financing

•           Lending documents

•           Purchase and sale disputes

We represent:

•           Individuals

•           Developers

•           Corporations

•           Owners and Landlords

•           Investors

•           Tenants

•           Property Managers

We understand that regardless of prior relationships and intentions, business and real estate transactions sometimes require objective and forceful representation. We represent clients in different phases of litigation and dispute resolution, including:

•           Debt Collections and Lien Enforcement Issues

•           Easement or Boundary Disputes

•           Title and Deed Disputes

•           Disputes Involving Leases or Purchases

•           Property Damage

•           Partnership and Buyout Disputes

•           Mortgage and Foreclosure Disputes

•           Land Use Restrictions

•           Breach of Contract


For any and all property-related legal issues in Portland and surrounding areas, a real estate lawyer at PDX Law Group P.C. will provide you with the representation you need. Call us for your consultation today.


PDX Law Group  understands that business and real estate transactions may result in disputes regardless of how well documented the parties’ initial good intentions. We represent clients in all phases of dispute resolution and litigation, such as:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Debt Collections and Lien Enforcement
  • Title and Deed Disputes
  • Boundary and Easement Disputes
  • Lease and Purchase Disputes
  • Foreclosure and Mortgage Disputes
  • Land Use Restrictions
  • Damage to Property
  • Partnership and Buyout Disputes