In addition to our primary practice areas of Real Estate, Business, and Creditor law, we also represent clients in a variety of other general civil matters such as the following:


Collections and Defense of Collections:  If you are a judgment creditor needing to pursue collection from the debtor, you may find it necessary to consult an attorney regarding procedures like writs of garnishment, execution, and debtor examinations.

If you are a debtor or alleged debtor and wish to defend a lawsuit or collection activities, you may need the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney to enforce your rights.

Divorce/Domestic Partnership Property Settlements:  For separation of couples, real property can often be the most valuable asset.  Because a person’s income streams change severely after a divorce/separation, the party awarded the house may have to consider different options to continue making mortgage payments. We can help with divorcing couples options such as drawing up legal contract for re-finance with buy-out of the other spouse, splitting the assets of the property over time, or awarding a right to live in the house for a set number of years with a buy-out at the expiration of the agreement.  This would include a self-protective step known as lis pendens that would put third parties on notice of the agreement by clouding the title to the property preventing one party from effective sale.

Homeowner Association Claims and/or Neighbor Disputes: Representation of homeowners with disputes with neighbors or HOAs including maintenance of condominiums and cooperatives, establishing property title and boundary lines, and zoning and property land use.

Insurance Disputes:  Representation of insured parties in defense of liability for accidents that happen in relation to real property and motor vehicles.  We can also represent you in disputes with your insurance company should they deny your claim to coverage under your policy.

Consumer Protection Law:  We represent consumers that have been a victim of fraudulent activity or deceptive trade practices by a business. This includes debtor harassment and breach of contract and warranty claims.

Lender Litigation and Debt Settlements:  We represent debtors seeking to defend, dispute or settle credit card, mortgage, auto loan, student loan and other debts.