“Chris took the time to walk through the numerous options I had and gave me great advice on how to proceed with my loan modification.  His expertise paid off 6 months later, when my loan mod finally went through.  Thanks, Chris!”

Mike Munter
Local SEO Specialist



Thank you!!!!

Now that we know how well you do on real estate matters, could you double as a
probate specialist, will drafter, medical malpractice specialist, etc.? …

We do believe in having access to reliable legal respresentation the same way
we have access to good doctors.  So, we very much appreciate having found
you to help us through this matter.

Thanks again.”

F. & V., Oregon


“Thank you so much Chris!

I actually feel really good … I now know the FACTS and that means so much to me.  I now have peace
of mind knowing I am getting everything I can out of [my lender] and not being tossed
around in some game they are playing.

I can’t thank you enough and will take it from here.

You are a wonderful Attorney, thank you with all my heart!”

L.T., Oregon


“Hi Chris,

I want to thank you and Yuri again for all your hard work on my loan mod. I really do appreciate it.  I gave my friend your number, he would like to hire you guys… thank you so much,

L.C., Vancouver, WA”